Essay On Load Shedding Of Electricity In Karachi Time Travel Essay

After undergoing refurbishment project is completed capacity will increase by another 310 MW. Jaglot Sai, Sermik-I, Olding-I, Thore, Minapin-I, Ahmadabad-I, II, Chalt-I, Sosat Hydropower, Jalalabad, Tangir Dam, Bunner, Parishing/Louse, Shirting, Sher Qila, Shigar , Khyber-I, Khyber-II, Chalt, Naz Bar, Hisper-I, Haramosh, Tormik-I, Basho-I, Sermik, Pion, Chitral Hydel, Jari, Machai Recent reforms include the unbundling and corporatization of the Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) into 10 regional distribution companies, 4 government-owned thermal power generation companies and a transmission company, the National Transmission and Despatch Company.

The hydropower plants were retained by WAPDA as WAPDA Hydroelectric. K-Electric Limited (formally known as Karachi Electric Supply Company), which is responsible for power generation and distribution in the Karachi area, is listed on the stock exchanges and is privately owned.

A significant number of people live in less privileged areas and belong to the poor and middle classes.

A majority of them go to the clinics of common local GP’s or to small hospitals and medical centres situated in their own residential areas.

Electricity generators were seeking a parity in returns for both domestic and foreign investors indicating it to be one of the key issues in overseeing a surge in electricity generation when the country was facing growing shortages.

Other problems included lack of efficiency, rising demands for energy, and political instability.

First two units will be refurbished by December 2018, the next two by December 2019 and the other two by December 2020.


Natural gas field output had to be reduced as the flood waters approached the wells.The circular debt of Rs400 billion is a clear proof of the mismanagement in the energy sector.The auditor general of Pakistan severely objected to the payment of 80 billion rupees in this regard previously.Privately owned independent power producers generated 53% of the country's power in FY2016.During 2010 Pakistan floods and 2005 Kashmir earthquake power stations, power distribution and transmission and other energy infrastructures were damaged.There are around 42 independent power producers (IPPs) that contribute significantly in electricity generation in Pakistan.Pakistan electricity sector is a developing market.As compare to big & tertiary care hospitals and government setups.It is relatively quick, easily accessible and costs less.The increasing loadshedding in Karachi is having adverse effects on almost all walks of life but a major impact is visible in the provision of primary health care services.The population of Karachi has reached about 18 millions.

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