Essay On Letters From Iwo Jima

Mr Song your closing line supports the idea that people need to know about the mass fire bombings of Japan.

Otherwise that particular prior wrong could be repeated by the United States in a more modern way.

Finally, I thought it was interesting to note that the one soldier who's thinking is "converted" (initially believing Americans to be cowards and savages) - ends up ironically being slaughtered by a savage American after his surrender.

We have now learned that the Swiss were anything but neutral as much of the Nazi riches have surfaced there.

They certainly didn't hesitate to continue the fight the Americans.

There is no discussion of the Americans being a force of righteousness in the battle.

Yet, this unprovoked aggression is something that Japan still refuses to admit to.

Honest acknowledgement must be practiced by all parties in all situations.

Well at least the movie with all your little nitpicks, tried to show the west a different point of view then what they normally see.

In the undergraduate world music class I teach, I invariably come across a few students who have seen "Memoirs of a Geisha" or "The Last Samurai" and feel they know something about Japan.

While many people will immediately recognize the Orientalism in these films, I think the foreign gaze is more difficult to detect in "Letters" because it operates on a different level of artistry, it takes an empathetic view, and the people are speaking Japanese.

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