Essay On Latest Fashion Trends

Thus, our inner Indian culture is getting blurred and we should now be worried as it would be on the verge of extinction with time.But as we know, our Indian culture souls will always stay evergreen. Our offspring will only see leftover India’s culture in museums.When it comes to fashion and new trends, one of the most significant factors come to our mind is that many individuals excessively follow the most novel fashions ranging from outfits or hairstyles to home design.In this essay, some reasons behind this phenomenon and some serious drawbacks contributed by this habit are going to be discussed.

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It is our commitment to take these renowned Indian traditional costumes, having long cultural continuity, globally.

Today’s Fashion, that has always been a multi-dimensional universal impact , is not just a change, a trend but the spirit of the times, the succession and combination of styles. Fashion is the most complete expression of a post-modern industrial culture that finds its way to be in the design process.

India is a multidimensional country comprising 1.27 billion population spread over various regions having different tradition and rituals though the basic culture remains the same.

People’s notion of beauty could be the main incentive for spending time and money to follow latest fashion and styles.

To achieve it they do a lot of things including purchasing branded dress, shoes, ornaments and regularly visiting beauty parlours, spa centres and so on.

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