Essay On Internal Recruitment

Job descriptions should also discuss output expectations and what candidates are likely to receive in return (i.e. Only in taking such steps will businesses be able to attract candidates with the right mix of skills and potential (Torrington et al, 2014).

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Also, internal recruitment is usually a more cost-effective process (Oxford Economics, 2014).Recruitment methodologies must be fair and comply with the relevant legal and regulatory frameworks and activities must contribute to corporate goals, reflect organisational brand and values whilst also being efficient and cost effective (Foot & Hook, 2008).Any recruitment process must begin with an analysis of the requirement.Depending on the approach outlined in the engagement/advertising method employed the initial information about the candidate is now likely to be received in one of four ways - through a completed application form, the submission of a CV, access to a professional profile (such as Linked In) or the nomination/sponsorship of a recruitment agent (Leatherbarrow & Fletcher, 2015).The challenge is to maximise access to the potential talent pool available, whilst minimising the associated costs in terms of time and administration (Beardwell & Thompson, 2014).Internal recruiting also increases the probability of securing people who understand the corporate values, but this needs to be balanced against the new capabilities and skills that external recruitment can introduce (Armstrong & Taylor, 2014).Potential employees of a company are also brand consumers and this presents an opportunity for businesses to use this as a means of attracting good quality applications from candidates likely to share the values and standards of the company.From this, it is possible to create role profiles outlining the purpose of the position, the key competences needed and the outputs required.Role profiles should include the terms and conditions of any appointment, highlighting potential development and career opportunities that could arise.It has been shown that creating a strong employer brand approach can reduce direct recruitment costs and the time taken to fill vacant positions (Murphy, 2008).Ultimately, a recruitment method must be chosen which reflects employer branding and which will attract suitable candidates.

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