Essay On India

India has a rich cultural heritage which makes it such a beautiful place.As I stay in the United Arab Emirates, I miss a lot of family and friends back in India. But what I miss most, is the warmth and happiness of the place I call home.The selected essays will be published on our website with the name of the author.Selected essays will be given one month free current affairs E-magazine. If you want some pleasant weather during the summer months, there is always Jammu and Kashmir and various other places up North.

But it is through the democratic route of elections that the ruling caucus was dethroned and an alternative government installed.

A new state of Pakistan was created with portions of Western and Eastern India, taken away from the Indian map.

West Pakistan took away Western Punjab, Sindh, and Baluchistan; East Pakistan was created with the partition of Bengal into East and West, the latter remaining with India.

Apart from that there are many historical and holy sites to visit in India.

If you want to enjoy some peace and quiet, various hill stations are sprinkled out in different states.

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