Essay On Importance Of Libraries

This is coupled by large number of results that are difficult to choose from while other are only accessible by subscribing at a fee.

In reference to Krottmaier (2002), the big problem with common search engines: they index freely available resources, not high quality publications which are often available only to subscribers of the corresponding journals (p. Note that traditional libraries use an organization pattern that makes it easier to trace reading materials from different topics of interest to the reader or rather user.

Public libraries are facilities we cannot afford to lose even with the current sophisticated computing systems and the internet era.

One does not need to be at a given age, have specific amount of money, or have specific characteristics to qualify using library resources.

With this in mind, the argument on whether traditional libraries are still of value in the technological age depend on the specific aspects of a library that one is looking for.

From one end of the argument, the ability to store ancient information as well as the organization of reading resources in traditional libraries for easy accessibility proves that these libraries are still of value in this technological age.

To answer this question, it is important to look at two facets of traditional libraries.On the other hand, there are various factors that degrade the value of traditional libraries in the contemporary world.To begin with, whereas the arrangement of reading resources in traditional libraries allows for easy accessibility, searching for information and data in these resources is a difficult task.Note that most reading resources or rather publications in traditional libraries are published and updated only after a certain period of time.For instance, if a new discovery emerged today on the market, any author who had written about a similar innovation cannot update his or her published work (in form of hard copies) within a short time.Stated in other words, only a section of these materials have been digitalized.In line with this, the traditional library is an important storage facility of ancient materials in the current society.In line with this, since digital libraries are supported heavily by technological inventions, most users opt to use them rather than using traditional libraries.However, research that has been carried out in the past indicates that traditional library has the most sophisticated feature: the librarian.Apart from the availability of the librarian, traditional libraries also have old information and data that is still relevant in the contemporary society.In line with this, whereas effort has been made to digitalize most books, journals, magazines and other reading resources from the past that generally that contribute to learning in the modern society, there is still a lot to be done.

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