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This is how we can summarize the crucial aspects of their services; 1.They help us assess the different jobs that are in high demand. Help us examine our strengths and weaknesses and unveil the best fields accordingly. They help us with the essential set of skills required for a particular major. Also, they evaluate our financial status and provide the best academic institution, accordingly.Furthermore, it also educates you about the required skills that are needed for certain majors.Therefore, career counseling is considered as important as education is.The majors they have to choose from are, Pre-Medical, Pre-Engineering, Commerce, Fine Arts, General Science, and Computer Science.

These are the current rates of unsuccessful students of different fields of students of Pakistan.Career development is built upon the choices and paths you take to surround you with the profession you want to pursue.Career development is not based on a single decision of choosing field or major you are going to adhere, instead, it is based on the different interests, financial status, and the different choices that will shape your future, leading towards different career paths.Career counsellors help you in figuring out the best-suited career path.Everyone, be it a student or alumni, should get themselves counseled.• Intermediate studies After matriculation examinations, students now are faced with the requirement of admission into different colleges and institutions to further their studies, they usually have the time span of two months to decide the field that they would opt for.What they choose for their intermediate education, will most likely define the field of their profession.A career counselor at this stage examines your academic performance and your financial status and presents the most suitable fields and different universities to choose.These are some different majors you can graduate with a bachelors degree from, Medical, Engineering, Business Management, Mass Communication, Arts & Humanities, Media Science, etc.That is largely because of the lack of availability of career counselors in different institutes and colleges.Students in Pakistan tend to make decisions based on what their peers and elders recommend which makes them confuse and puts them in a dilemma where they cannot think for themselves anymore.

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