Essay On Importance Of Computer In Modern Age Stanford Business Plan

Without computers, it would be very hard for a bank to offer good customer service day in and day out.

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In present time computer system play vital role in banking.They are being used in every field as they provide the facility of storing large data safely which can be easily accessed and managed.They play vital role in our daily life owing to facilities it provide which are beyond our imagination .Computers are very vital especially to those people who run businesses, industries and other organizations.Today, almost everything that people engage in makes use of a computer.Those coupled with computer knowledge, that may be networking, programming or any other, are always preferred over others and eventually gets the better job opportunities as in modern world no business operates without computers.So computer education is extremely important now as it is an eligibility criterion for getting recruited.One can shop being immobile as orders can be placed on internet which saves time andtransportation cost.Various database management soft wares are available in market which manages the large amount of data as per requirement.One can get connected to another in other part of world in no time with the help of computers.It helps in searching and retrieving vast information over internet also and only computer education can increase the applications of computer across the world.

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