Essay On How Can We Save Our Earth What'S A Critical Essay

So instead, it seems a change in attitude is needed.

In many cultures, including America’s, it is money over everything and it has always been like that.

But “if you do bother, you will set an example for other people.

If enough people bother, each one influencing yet another in a chain reaction of behavioral change” one person becomes an entire movement (Pollan).

However, maybe just by changing the overall attitude of the population, the results will change too.

And in the long run, putting the environment first now will allow the economy to push to the front again.

Yes, it is true; government funding and regulations will be the ultimate boost this environmental movement needs.

What about saving the planet with clean air, water, fuel sources, soil, and our home for future generations? Which are the resources that we are overusing and we can never get them back?

It is time to “save our planet”; an “SOP” is in order.

It is easy to think that one person’s efforts are pointless in the scheme of things, but maybe not.

What is the point in even trying to change decades of wasted water, carbon dioxide emissions, and filled dumps? Environmentalists have been sending out an “SOS” for quite a while now.

There’s no ship this time though, it is our planet that is in need.

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