Essay On Friendship By Cicero

all the numerous essays written upon subject of friendship, the lælius of cicero holds the foremost rank, not only because of the nobility of the theme itself, but also because of the author's sincerity of purpose and the fineness of the sentiment from which the essay is developed.

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He is a great amplifier of every subject; magnificent, and in his sentiments highly moral.

His manner is on the whole diffuse, yet it is often happily varied, and suited to the subject.” Blair thought that some of Cicero’s great achievements were his ability to gain the attention of his audiences and to influence them, his ability to arrange his arguments with the greatest force and propriety, and his reluctance to bring the emotional proofs into force before he had prepared the way with logical conviction.

In addition, it defends Cicero’s view that the good speaker is a well-educated person.

For centuries, the very term “Ciceronian” suggested everything that was elevated and admirable in the art of rhetoric, whether written or spoken.

Whether speaking for the prosecution or for the defense, his advocacy was considered exemplary.

Hugh Blair, an eminent eighteenth century critic who was professor of rhetoric and belles lettres at the University of Edinburgh, offered his appraisal of Cicero in one of his (1783): “He is always full and flowing, never abrupt.

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is this universality of application and of appeal which has made cicero's essay .

Dissertation express individuals empedocles theory of union of the elements (friendship) and discord.

the pleasure of enjoying the friendship of a living soul endowed with.

Dissertation droit administratif laelius says this places too much of a restriction on friendship.

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