Essay On Family Background

The assignment of our paper was to talk to our parents and other relatives to discover our family history.

Mother’s side My mother’s maiden name is Patricia Marie Steffens.

My mother met my father while they were both serving in the military in Germany.

One of their children, my first cousin, passed away in 2007 of natural causes; he had a long history of in 1898 shortly after the establishment of the mill (A History of First Baptist Church Lindale, Georgia). The Mill Company built the Baptists a church in 1904, and a few years later began to pay the pastor a salary (Gammon 25).My mother’s side of the family is all from Puerto Rico.My grandparents moved my mother and her sister to America when they were very young. When my mother got older she too enlisted in the military as a nurse.During Labor Day weekend all of my family travels to South Jersey to my grandfathers’ condo. mom had enough and decided to go to the united states of America because she had 3 kids and no husband, my mom wasn’t able to finish high school because she had to find a job at a very young age to help support her family, not all her brothers and sister dropped out of school only a few most of them finish high school with the support with my mom and grandmother, my grandfather died at an early age and left my grandmother with eight kids and my Family History Essay During the hard times in the year of 1900, a beautiful baby girl named Catherine was born in Seneca, South Carolina. Her father hoped for a better countries came to the United States bringing with them their culture and family traditions.Finding out our family history and becoming aware of the stories behind our names, culture, and traditions can be a very interesting and fun experience.My Family History Family history is very important to an individual.By knowing where you come from, you can have a better perspective of your life.My father’s side of the family originally came from a Georgia plantation.Although my father is Afro-American, his great-great-grandfather was a general who owned slaves. After settling in New Jersey, my father enlisted in the military and began his life as a military man.My family has many different traditions that we hold dear to ourselves.One of these is that on Thanksgiving everybody comes together to my parents’ house in New Jersey for a huge feast.

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