Essay On Educational Goals And Objectives

One of the fundamental problems of pedagogy is the development and definition of the goals of education.The goal is the object of aspiration, what is needed, it is desirable to implement the & quot ;.The state and society have always considered the goal of pedagogical activity as a reasoned concern for their future.Therefore, the formulation of the goal most often included provisions that, in the opinion of the ruling authorities, would ensure the preservation of the existing system and the system of social relations.The goal, formulated in state documents, gives only a general guideline for the work of the teacher. In order for it to work, it must be translated into the language of specific pedagogical tasks.

The goal of education should be understood as the "final result, ideally represented by the expectations of the society, the person himself, the bearer of universal, highly spiritual values." In pedagogy, there has always been a mixture of ideal and realistic goals. Make your own flashcards that can be shared with others.Learn with extra-efficient algorithm, developed by our team, to save your time.It is determined by the estate-class, national, religious interests of the people, the political, economic, cultural needs of society, historical features, traditions and customs." The ideal of man is reflected in art, religion, science, politics.A thorough knowledge of the goals of education gives the teacher a clear idea of ​​what kind of person he should develop, and, of course, this gives his work the necessary sense and direction. Makarenko stressed that the educator should be able to design the personality of the pupil.A conscious goal is achieved more quickly - such is the immutable stage of psychology. But in order to design an individual, you need to imagine in detail what it should be and what qualities it needs to develop.Questions - what should the school and educators strive for in their practical activities, what results can be achieved - can be called key.Defining the goal of education is a complex process in which society, the state, the family, the school, the personality participate.The patterns of physiological maturation of the body, the mental development of people, the achievements of philosophical and pedagogical thought, the level of public culture set the general direction of the goals.But the determining factor is always the ideology, the policy of the state. A social order is a request from the state for the results of the activity of the school as a social institution.

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