Essay On Education Of Girls What Is Thinking Critically Mean

In this context thus, let us remember to what the mother teaches the child is all-important andpervasive.

For this important work of girls and womb feel that, they need education and, their negligence in tell field is a mishap for the country.

But there are still a large number of girls are illiterate and they are not able to get an education.

We need to stand for them and make education easy for every single girl in the world. They study and learn things that help them to lead a better life. Female education is a really important term right now for the entire world.

Here, in this essay, we will take look at ‘female education in Bangladesh and others’. That’s why we need to put some extra effort into ‘Female Education’. We can’t arrange a better society or a better nation without them. And we, of course, appreciate educated and well-learned partner with us. Our life starts with education and if we can pursue education properly we can go really long in our life. But in this world, lots of females are still away from education. We need to work on that and make awareness among people.

If she is educated, there is a high chance for your kids to be educated.

It is considered foolish to allow girls to waste their time in studies and this concept is widely accepted by the Indian society.

It may be very true that in majority of cases the girl does not have to become and does not become the breadwinner of the family.

When mothers are educated what will they be able to teach their childfree Let us not forget that, the purpose of education is not 01 earning a livelihood but education makes an individual into a good human being, which is passed on to the next the kith and kin.

With this backdrop of our attitudes of educating girl personally feel that, education for girls in India must taken up as an issue, on a war footing as, it has area been neglected for far too long.

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