Essay On Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

As a result, a truncated but functional dystrophin is produced, resulting in a mild dystrophic phenotype. To date, various therapeutic approaches for DMD have been extensively developed.

However, the pathomechanism is quite complex despite it being a single gene disorder, and dystrophin is expressed not only in a large amount of skeletal muscle but also in cardiac, vascular, intestinal smooth muscle, and nervous system tissue.

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Several studies have shown that statins reduce NOX2 expression and activity in cardiovascular tissues.

Both dystrophins retain the actin-binding, cysteine-rich (Cys), and C-terminal domains of normal, full-length dystrophin (14 kb). Exon 52 (the number of bases is not a multiple of 3) is absent from pre-m RNA, which results in a misalignment of the reading frame after splicing (out-of-frame); this leads to a premature stop codon in the following exon of the m RNA.

As a result, dystrophin is not produced, leading to a severe dystrophic phenotype.

() Exon 51-skipping therapy for exon 52-deleted DMD.

Exon 51 is skipped by AO (sum of deleted bases is a multiple of 3) in pre-m RNA; subsequently, the reading frame is corrected in m RNA (in-frame) and translation progresses normally. Becker muscular dystrophy exhibits a milder phenotype, having mutations that maintain the reading frame and allow for the production of truncated dystrophin.

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