Essay On Different Learning Styles

Ned Herrmann, who wrote The Creative Brain, has pioneered study in this area.This assignment will be discussing on why it is believed that learning styles are useful to student nurses.Understanding of their learning styles as a student nurse will improve their self-confidence and improve their self-image.Knowing their learning style as a student nurse will give them insight on their strengths and weakness and will enable them to enjoy their learning process.We do not usually choose the type of activities that best suits us because we are unaware that some methods suit us and some do not (Jasper, 2003).

Understanding of their learning styles will enable them to stay up to date professionally and help improve co-operation among their colleagues.It was a one-size-fits-all approach, intended to instill As a child, I would go to bed with a flashlight, so I could read under the covers without being discovered by my father, who with great exasperation would declare, “You are turning night into day.” I am an “owl” not a “lark.” Unfortunately for me, school started at AM, whether I was ready for it or not.Secondly, some of us prefer to start with minute details and study from the bottom up, accruing information and data systematically, and building to a mastery of the topic.These people are considered “stringers.” A “grouper” like me prefers less structure, a more free-formed, big-picture approach that allows divergence and eclectic side trips leading to a general understanding of the subject.The third element has to do with the four quadrants of the brain that dictate our preferences for dealing with facts or emotions, learning independently or with a group, and using logic or creativity.Fleming (2001) defines learning style as "an individual's characteristics and preferred ways of gathering, organizing, and thinking about information’’ (p.1).According to Honey learning styles (2006), we are all the product of our own learning, including everything we know, everything we do, everything we believe and everything we have learnt. What all this means, still, is some things are easy for me to learn, and some things are not. My learning experience throughout grade school was cast in the Traditional method, employing rote, reward-and-punishment, and repetition, repetition, repetition. If I had given any thought to my learning style prior to this course, I would have said simply, “Some things are easy for me to learn, and some things are not.” Now I can say, “I am a grouper, a top-down learner, an owl, in the C-D quadrants, and my strong intelligences are linguistic, intrapersonal, and interpersonal”.Learning styles can be defined as a process where each person has different learning styles and method in which they learn.This depends on who and the type of learner they are.

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  1. It will be invaluable for those seeking an introduction to psychosynthesis, as well as practitioners of other orientations who wish to incorporate this approach into their own therapeutic work.