Essay On Different Learning Styles

These people are considered “stringers.” A “grouper” like me prefers less structure, a more free-formed, big-picture approach that allows divergence and eclectic side trips leading to a general understanding of the subject.

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Understanding of their learning styles will enable them to stay up to date professionally and help improve co-operation among their colleagues.Learning styles can be defined as a process where each person has different learning styles and method in which they learn.This depends on who and the type of learner they are.Understanding of their learning styles as a student nurse will improve their self-confidence and improve their self-image.Knowing their learning style as a student nurse will give them insight on their strengths and weakness and will enable them to enjoy their learning process.It helps them to manage their learning in a more effective way because when they are equipped with different ideas and information about their learning preferences it will allow them to have more hits and fewer misses (Honey, 2006).When they acquire enough information about their learning styles, it enables them to locate areas that are harder and tricky to navigate for themselves.Understanding of learning styles as a student nurse will let them learn their way through their own best strategies.We all have different personalities, so everyone has different ways of learning.The understanding of learning styles will be useful to student nurses because it allows student nurses to have a better chance of overcoming any difficult situation.Having a good understanding of how we learn can help students make smarter choices (Cartel, Bishop, Bixby, & Kravits et al, 1999).

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