Essay On Corruption And Anti Corruption Advantage And Disadvantage Of Mass Media Essay

So why try, when there is a better means available, which is really a true and socially just method?Adam Smith (“Wealth of Nations”, 1776) explains that land is one of the 3 factors of production (the other 2 being labor and durable capital goods).The following essay explains how and why: THE MOST SOCIALLY JUST TAX (AND ITS 17 EFFECTS ON THE NATIONAL ECONOMY) Our present complicated system for taxation is unfair and has many faults.The biggest problem is to arrange it on a socially just and ethical basis.

There are many advantages if the land-values were taxed instead of the many other different kinds of production-based activities such as earnings, purchases, capital-gains, home and foreign company investments, etc., (with all their regulations, complications and loop-holes).

If people firstly concentrate on the respect of rules and régulations that govern the entity (family, enterprise, government, Council, country)and systematically apply sanctions against those (whoever they could be regardless of their rank, grade or cast) who depart from thèse rules, corruption will disappear without any other additional remedy. Another way you can fight corruption in people is by fighting the corruption that is within you, first. Konneh -Liberia Basically corruption comes down to one thing; the exploitation of most people by a few greedy ones who don't respect them.

If anyone fight the insider corruption, he / she will be strong enough to fight against the outsider corruption. In many developing countries and in well-developed countries too, corruption comes from the exploitation of the natural resources and also in the improvements.

Adopting integrity standards is a smart business decision, especially for companies interested in doing business with the World Bank Group and other development partners. Sanctions matter: Punishing corruption is a vital component of any effective anti-corruption effort. Act globally and locally: Keep citizens engaged on corruption at local, national, international and global levels – in line with the scale and scope of corruption.

Make use of the architecture that has been developed and the platforms that exist for engagement. Build capacity for those who need it most: Countries that suffer from chronic fragility, conflict and violence– are often the ones that have the fewest internal resources to combat corruption. Why do we always tackle corruption through its consequences?

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