Essay On Corruption And Anti Corruption

A wise and sensible government would recognize that this problem derives from lack of opportunity to work and earn.

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If anyone fight the insider corruption, he / she will be strong enough to fight against the outsider corruption. In many developing countries and in well-developed countries too, corruption comes from the exploitation of the natural resources and also in the improvements.

The useful land is monopolized by a landlord, who either holds it out of use (for speculation in its rising value), or charges the tenant heavily for its right of access.

In the case when the landlord is also the producer, he/she has a monopolistic control of the land and of the produce too, and can charge more for it or for the access right than an entrepreneur would do, who in seeking greater opportunity and trade, is willing to exploit the situation less during the goods’ sale.

The following essay explains how and why: THE MOST SOCIALLY JUST TAX (AND ITS 17 EFFECTS ON THE NATIONAL ECONOMY) Our present complicated system for taxation is unfair and has many faults.

The biggest problem is to arrange it on a socially just and ethical basis.

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