Essay On Classroom Observation Affirmative Action Policy Essays

We learn in class that instruction needs to be differentiated, but after the observations, I realized how completely different each student thinks and acts.

One of the visible differentiators, race, has an effect on attitudes and social grouping.

In the middle, the teacher needs a consistent, quiet way to call for attention.

They could use the teacher, a peer that already learned it, a You Tube video, a web-app, examples online, or even a textbook.Most likely, they would use a combination of these resources.It would take some experimenting to make sure students have enough practice to correctly learn the skills, but advances in software for learning math would be most likely to help track this.Socially, they respond differently to groups – both in how much they enjoy being grouped and how much work they can get done (they appear to be independent variables). There is a ton of diversity in the classroom – no two students think the same way.My observations showed that many kids were bored throughout the class.Students can visually keep track of skills they learn with a “toolbox”, perhaps an envelope, full of cards that represent all of the skills they learned.Class content would be organized by the types of problems the skill is used for, not the chapter that Pearson decided to put it in.When students are in the middle of a project, they should be able to walk into class, know what to do, quietly transition into project teams, work, clean up, and leave without a teacher present.The classroom I observed had some of these procedures in place, but there were still frequent questions about small things that could have been automated.In order to achieve this kind of differentiation, I think the class needs to be run with a very different approach.I personally have been most motivated in a project-based curriculum.

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