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Their architecture was very ornate and was meant to impress visitors.

Baroque palaces would usually have courts, grand staircases and reception rooms to show how wealthy they were. Music from this period was characterized by structural clarity.

The String Quartet: The string quartet represents one of the first musical forms that could be described as chamber music.Part II: Music of the Classical Period I Two of the great political events of that time were the French and American Revolutions.A third great political event toward the end of the classical period was Congress of Vienna.Feelings of deep emotion were beginning to be expressed in ways that would have seemed once inappropriate.Individualism began to grip you as Hippolyte et Aricie and Castor et Pollux.These categories run the gamut from easy listening dance music to more complex artmusic.On the complex side of the scale are the categories known as Jazz and Classical music.For people that have been in traumatic situations opening up is the first step to healing.Classical music opens up options to doctors that might have been really hard to get...Some musical characteristics of classical music are: the use of energetic and orchestral color in a thematic way, the use of rhythm, including periodic structure and harmonic rhythm, to give definition to large-scale forms, along with the use of modulation to build longer spans of tension and release (most of the music is cast in sonata form or closely related forms), and the witty, typically Austrian mixture of comic and serious strains.The importance of classical music can be seen in many different things.

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