Essay On Cheerleading As A Sport

In place of volleyball, they promoted competitive cheerleading to varsity sport status.At the trial, Webb took the stand as an expert witness to testify that cheerleading was not a sport.During that time, the ICU can apply for full Olympic recognition in the Summer Olympic Games.ICU president Jeff Webb called the decision a “monumental milestone for cheerleading” and “the culmination of my life’s work.” I study the history of women’s sport, which makes me curious about Webb’s enthusiasm for the IOC’s decision. “Cheer leading” – as it was then known – was for men only and the “rooter kings” and “yell leaders” were often captains of other sports teams.

In December, the IOC’s executive board voted to provisionally recognize cheerleading.Gone are the typical uniforms, the chants and the pom-poms. The group’s website notes that acrobatics and tumbling (A&T) is “the evolution of different forms of gymnastics” that includes only “the athletic aspects of cheerleading.” With the backing of USA Gymnastics, the NCATA has since petitioned the NCAA for “emerging sport” status (like provisional recognition from the IOC, it’s not a championship sport but could become one in the future).Not to be outdone, USA Cheer (part of Varsity Brands; tax documents show Webb as director) approached the NCAA with its own cheer-gymnastic hybrid called STUNT.Title IX of the Education Amendment Acts of 1972 ushered in the first debate over cheerleading’s status as a sport.School administrators who hoped to count cheerleaders as athletes in order to comply with the new law were soon disappointed.It hosts camps and clinics and stages cheerleading’s biggest competitions.It owns cheerleading gyms and academies around the world.The judge agreed, deciding that “Competitive cheer may, some time in the future, qualify as a sport under Title IX; today, however, the activity is still too underdeveloped and disorganized to be treated as offering genuine varsity athletic participation opportunities for students.” Critics contend that Webb’s testimony had everything to do with Varsity’s bottom line.If cheerleading became a recognized sport, it would need to abide by regulations that limited athletes’ practice sessions and competitive seasons, just like any other sport.A key moment in cheerleading history came with the 2010 Biediger v.Quinnipiac University case, in which Quinnipiac volleyball players and their coach filed suit after university administrators cut their team.

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