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Iranians can sing and dance however and do whatever they want, which they do.They are free to write about the sacred and profane, about politics and religion, and even paint nudes while nude. They can dress chic or trashy, and bake on their makeup, no matter their gender. Iranians explore their artistic freedom more than Americans realize, because they can…as long as they keep it out of public view.Music has thrived in America since its establishment over two centuries ago.In those two centuries people have enjoyed listening to music ranging from classical to rap music.Note: Please enjoy this guest essay on Iranian artists and censorships, in conjunction with the broadcast premiere of When God Sleeps, by artist and game creator Kurosh Vala Nejad.

A chapter that touts the oft-mocked practice of collecting physical things as a counter to the homogenizing minimalism of Apple and Ikea rings true, as does one on the poisonous effects of tipping in the service industry, which essentially forces workers to pay each other.

Kurosh believes this mess that is the relationship of his two countries stems from a sloppy, or snooty mis-translation.

He hopes to spend the summer looking for early examples of poor translation in the Diba library, the largest collection of books about Iran not written in Persian.

" than "surely he can’t be." It turns out Svenonius’ writing is a lot more interesting if you keep asking this question——while you read, without ever deciding.

Because it’s never quite clear whether his grand statements, provocative polemics, and jump-cutting through political and cultural history are genuine, ironic, deceptive, or heartfelt.

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