Essay On Building Is The Only Goal Of Education

However, we feel that most of the themes discussed in this chapter will be of interest to students at all levels, as well as to faculty advisers and administrators.

Many students start thinking about the possibility of a career when their interest is ignited by a high-school or undergraduate teacher or some other role model.

As science and technology become more central in our society, scientists and engineers become more involved with other, nonresearch domains of human experience.

An effective way for students to learn about graduate education is to join (or form) a study group to discuss homework and share concerns.

She is also reluctant to lose several years' salary.

For quick reading, you can use the headings to pick out particular topics.

As a graduate student, you pursue at much greater depth knowledge that Four years ago, Shankar Vedantam had mapped out a career in management.

He was about to take his final examinations in electronic engineering at Bangalore University, in India, and then enter an MBA program.

At all levels, graduate education is both rigorous and focused.

It is not simply a bigger and more-advanced version of undergraduate schooling, where you meet a wide range of subjects and acquire general skills.

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