Essay On Advertising And Its Effects

The National Cancer Institute wanted to get the word out to the public, but did not have the resources to do so.The Kellogg All- Bran Campaign quickly saw the opportunity in the situation because their cereal contained “nine grams of fiber”.I’ve tried to include information to serve as a starting point for the unpublished research.

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So even if the ad does not influence the consumer, as long as the ad can influence the investors, salespeople and retailers, the company will be prosperous.With the information from the NCI, Kellogg began running “fiber-cancer ads”.Sellers are less likely to stretch the truth, whether it involves prices or subtleties about safety and performance, when they know it may arouse a merciless response from injured competitors.He references specific ad campaigns as examples to demonstrate the ways in which advertisements deliver what he believes to be “useful” information for the public.Calfee describes the ways in which companies bring certain issues to the public’s attention in order to get the public to realize the benefits that a certain product possesses. The public health experts realized that a diet consisting of more fiber could help prevent cancer.Advertising has a number of positive effects on economies both in the U. This encourages more consumers to buy because these products meet the needs and wants of more consumers. In addition, advertising can help create more jobs.As the demand for products and services goes up because of advertising, more people are needed to manufacture, supply, ship and test those products and services. Since the late 1800’s psychologist and scholars alike have been studying the ways in which advertisements can affect a person mentally and emotionally.These advertisements market a social concept of importance to the general public.Many public service announcements run messages about health, safety and national security.Newton’s third law of motion combined with the Chaos Theory comes to mind when analyzing the findings.The question “what are the positive and negative effects of advertising on the world” is still the motivation.

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