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As it turned out, this book questions the values of all societies, including the democracy we used to idealize so much.When Edward Snowden exposed the US spying scandal in 2013, we became aware of another something else: when we’re not willingly sharing information, governments get it anyway. He envisioned a future where people believed what the media told them to believe.They have a naïve approach towards information and accept it without processing it from a critical point of view.But in my opinion, there’s nothing scarier than the stories that show what the world could be like if left in the hands of the wrong people.One of the books that demonstrate this point the best is George Orwell’s 1984.Edward Snowden exposed a fact we all suspected: everyone privacy is affected, and they make us think it’s for a greater good.The scariest thing is that the US government did not ask for its citizens’ permission to engage in monitoring for a greater good. Public exposure of the scandal was not Snowden’s first choice.We are the main characters of our own Big Brother show.Google and other companies are mapping out the Earth.It’s not intriguing because it presents one man’s visualization of the future. When this book first came out, it frightened people.Since the book was published in the middle of the 20th century, the year 1984 appeared too close.

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