Essay On 14 1947

Dear sir, It is quite disheartening to state that our land is facing numerous challenges. To our youth brothers and sisters sitting here, we have to work out against all of these challenges.

Poverty, terrorism, unemployment, youth frustrations, resources mismanagement, and corruption are to name a few. Being guardians of freedom we are responsible for working for tomorrow. We have to stand against all of those big problems being faced by our motherland.

Respected sir, As you all know we are gathered here to celebrate the 75th Independence of our Holy Land Pakistan.

We have got Pakistan as a gift and as a reward of decades of struggles and untold miseries suffered by our forefathers here.

Surely, with all the and efforts given, we shall stand victorious.

This day comes every year to remind us of our true status, identity, prestige, and power.

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You can freely feel a sense of independence and freedom while breathing under the fresh air.Dear sir, given the enormous degree of challenges ahead, the things we need are unity, discipline, and faith.We have to preserve and propagate national integration throughout every corner of our country.It is independence that you have total control over what you do and what you practice and what you stand, keeping in view the law of this land. It is a gift that has been given to us due to the sacrifices of hundreds of freedom fighters who chose to live freely, and who chose to protect their future generation.The worth and value of independence can only be gauged when you are in shackles.The untiring struggles that ran the decades after that we got this land.The leaders like Quaid Azam, Iqbal, Sir Syed Ahmed, Liaqat Ali and the likes, have been our true heroes who chose not to kneel down the demands and conspiracies of British and Hindu dominance.We have got thousands of instances around the world.From one end of the world to the other, the world is still replete with slavery and injustice of every kind.True it is, behind all of those sacrifices and struggles for unity and free land was the blessing of Almighty Allah.Today’s 14th August marks the 75th anniversary of our Independence.

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