Essay Of Development In Childhood

Demi never wanted anybody to go through the pain she went through.She is a role model to her fans and her little sister.Around four months Demi would have been able to sit with support from her mother, hold her head up for a short period of time, and can troll from the side to her stomach.By 5 months Demi was able to roll over fully with no help.The only thing that kept her going was her music, she became more confident when she was did a role play in camp rock.Infancy 0-3years Physical development- at birth Demi would have been unable to control her body movements. During the first few months of Demi’s life she would have been able to see objects clearly.

Demi Lovato believed she was born with an eating disorder at this stage of her life she should be having fun but instead she felt depressed at a very young stage in her life she did not go to school and just locked herself away from everyone and kept everything to herself this led to her harming herself.

She went through a difficult faze growing up as a child from a very young age.

Demi also revealed she started self-harming when she was 12 years old and admits to getting into a difficult situation with drugs and alcohol.

However, her abilities would continue to grow into a more advanced or effective stage.

By the age of 6/7 Demi would have been able to ride her bike and start skipping but instead she started performing.

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