Essay Marking Grid

70-74 Shows a clear awareness of the salient points and an ability to discuss them analytically and incisively.

Evidence of undoubted quality in the use of secondary sources or evidence, but not sustained across the entire range.

60-64 A mark in this range will demonstrate a good overall level of competence but will show some weakness in terms of breadth of knowledge, depth, precision, clarity, or style.

The answer may neglect some areas of the question, or show some weakness in the prose, or the range of reading.

90 Outstanding work in all aspects that is thoroughly independent, original and insightful; writing that has attained the highest professional standards in the discipline.

80-89 Exceptional insight, weight and sophistication. Highly accurate work, analytically rigorous, written with a sense of style. Evidence of a capacity to pursue independent lines of enquiry.

The writing lacks fluency and may be clumsy in places.Evidence of strength in some areas may compensate for weaknesses in others.A well argued and perceptive response to the question, based on wide reading. Make your own flashcards that can be shared with others.Learn with extra-efficient algorithm, developed by our team, to save your time.45-49 A partial response to the question, which makes little sustained attempt to develop a coherent answer to the question or only does so in a haphazard manner.A poorly developed argument, based on very limited reading.The evidence may be misremembered, vague or insufficient to constitute a serious response, containing errors of fact or interpretation. 0 Indicates work either not submitted or unworthy of marking.Some evidence of structure, but it is likely to be muddled or unclear. A mark in this range may reflect: failure to address the question set; insignificant or no argument. More descriptive than analytical, without the kind of critical reflection characteristic of answers in higher mark bands.Shows some understanding of strands in historiography where this is relevant.

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