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They want to talk about the issues important in their life, but they don’t want someone to use those issues as another excuse to subordinate them.

They can, with good reason, trust their friends in ways that they cannot trust their parents or teachers. The ultimate goal of childhood is to move away from dependence on parents and establish oneself as one’s own person.

Children are biologically designed to grow up in a culture of childhood.

Whenever we moved, my first big task was to figure out the culture of my new set of peers, so I could become part of it.

I was by nature shy, which I think was an advantage because I didn’t just blunder in and make a fool of myself.

Children’s cultures often set themselves up as if in opposition to adult culture, often quite deliberately and adaptively.

Even young children begin to use scatological, “naughty” words, deliberately flouting adults’ dictates.

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