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They can travel through solid only and disappear in liquid.(c) Long waves or Surface waves (L): These waves affect only the surface of the earth and dies out at smaller depth. The earthquake tremors are of two types: vertical and horizontal.The intensity of vibration is more at the epicentre because the tremors move vertically to it.The thousands of bodies, however, exceeded the capacity of available crematoriums and morgues, many of them damaged,[180][181] and there were shortages of both kerosene—each cremation requires 50 liters—and dry ice for preservation.[182] The single crematorium in Higashimatsushima, for example, could only handle four bodies a day, although hundreds were found there.[183] Governments and the military were forced to bury many bodies in hastily dug mass graves with rudimentary or no rites, although relatives of the deceased were promised that they would be cremated later.[184] The tsunami is reported to have caused several deaths outside of Japan.

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More than 225,000 people died from the disaster, a half a million were injured, and millions were left homeless.

The damaged buildings included 29,500 structures in Miyagi Prefecture, 12,500 in Iwate Prefecture and 2,400 in Fukushima Prefecture.[198] Three hundred hospitals with 20 beds or more in Tōhoku were damaged by the disaster, with 11 being completely destroyed.[199] The earthquake and tsunami created an estimated 24–25 million tons of rubble and debris in Japan.[200][201] An estimated 230,000 automobiles and trucks were damaged or destroyed in the disaster.

As of the end of May 2011, residents of Iwate, Miyagi, and Fukushima prefectures had requested deregistration of 15,000 vehicles, meaning that the owners of those vehicles were writing them off as unrepairable or unsalvageable.[202] Casualties Memorials amongst the ruins, Natori The National Police Agency has confirmed 15,867 deaths,[24] 6,109 injured,[25] and 2,909 people missing[26] across twentyprefectures.[27] Of the 13,135 fatalities recovered by 11 April 2011, 12,143 or 92.5% died by drowning.

Its intensity is less when the vibrations spread in horizontal direction outside the epicentre. Generally the mild or minor earthquakes occur more frequently than the strong or major ones.

Usually the greatest amount of destruction is felt near the epicentre. Among them tectonic movement of the earth, volcanic eruption, icefall and landslide are the main ones.

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