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Still, they missed some things that they couldn’t predict back then such as Russia’s use of social media to influence elections in the US and other countries, the explosion of fake news, trolling and online harassment and massive hack attacks like Yahoo and Experian that would affect nearly everyone in the US and a good portion of the entire planet.

As I look ahead three years, I’m both excited and worried, and I have only a partial answer to the question posed by my headline as to whether the net will be “safe” to use in 2020. It will never be 100% safe and there is the possibility that it will be a scarier place than it is today.

A year after election day, there is still rabbid divisiveness and, despite efforts of companies like Twitter and Facebook to tame the trolls, there remain a lot of racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, fake and just plain mean content on social media as well as some high-trafficked websites.

Tech companies are grappling with these problems, but they’re a long way from solving them.

It can be anything like a plough to help a farmer, a television to help the media and the telephone to help us communicate.

The one way view of the internet is that it provides us with information and entertainment, this is what many people use the internet for and that is the one way view they maintain though it is not wrong there is more to it.Man wants to know all we want to be able to answer all the questions out there as every day goes by we get closer and closer to answering some of our questions.Everyday new cures for diseases are found and also new diseases are discovered, new discoveries are made in various fields, at the same time however new problems are arising.And, while we’ve seen a decline in overall bullying over the past couple of years, Elizabeth Englander and her colleagues from the Massachusetts Aggression Reduction Center have observed a recent increase in “biased-based incidents” against people of color, women, LGBT youth and around issues of body weight and special needs.Connect Safely’s response to at least part of this problem is our new Parent, Educator & Youth Guide to LGBTQ Cyberbullying.What happened around the 2016 election was incredibly bothersome even to this rather jaded observer.It wasn’t just the way Russia interfered, but the way Americans turned on each other.My hope is that these issues will be at least somewhat diminished by 2020, if not sooner.But read on for: What I expect by 2020 So, based on what I’m seeing now, here are my predictions for 2020: Stay tuned I look forward to the session at the FOSI conference and the contributions of my co-facilitator and workshop attendees.I have logged on to the internet and have felt safe, like anyone should that logs on to the net, that I am the only one viewing my mail or cruising the net, I feel like I am the only one that knows where I have been and that no one is tracking me.After all the things I have just mentioned only happen in the movies, they are Enemy of the State type of things, and it could not possibly happen to you am I right? By holding this thought one is including themselves “in a large group of consumers, world-wide, who are unaware of the multitude of information they are placing on the World Wide Web, simply by using it as it was designed to be used.

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