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The framework serves as a blueprint of methodologies for conservationists, government agencies, land trusts, economists and others to value public lands, historical sites, and related programs, such as education.

The methodologies are relevant to local and state parks, wildlife refuges, and protected areas in developed and developing countries as well as to national parks around the world. Overholt, Editor The North Korean nuclear crisis presents the contemporary world’s greatest risk, not just of major war but most importantly of nuclear war.

Interviewing leading scientists about breakthroughs that could soon transform the quality and extent of life, she sparks a debate about how governments, businesses, doctors, the media and each one of us should handle the second half of life.

She argues that if we take a more positive approach, we should be able to reap the benefits of a prolonged life.

Beginning in 2010, new fintech entrepreneurs recognized the gaps in the small business lending market and revolutionized the customer experience for small business owners.Mills, focuses on the needs of small businesses for capital and how technology will transform the small business lending market.This is a market that has been plagued by frictions: it is hard for a lender to figure out which small businesses are creditworthy, and borrowers often don’t know how much money or what kind of loan they need.; Missed Opportunities: Years of Suspicion, Brief Viable Trust; Hope and History.— Sheila Jasanoff Since the discovery of the structure of DNA and the birth of the genetic age, a powerful vocabulary has emerged to express science’s growing command over the matter of life.Chapters include a broad-ranging Overview; Countering North Korea’s Carrot-and-Stick Strategy; Why These Negotiations with North Korea Could Work; What Makes Kim Jong Un Different?; Development Strategies Available to North Korea and Their Political Risks; The new leader, the new economic model; Can Moon Jae In hold it together domestically?; Thinking realistically about unification; China’s Policy toward North Korea; Japan’s View of Nuclear North Korea: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?; Alliance Management and Tension: Between “Fire and Fury” and Protecting Alliance Equities; The Role of Sanctions; The history & meaning of denuclearization; The vexations of verification; Could the Trump Administration achieve a breakthrough?By 2020, for the first time in history, the number of people aged 65 and over will outnumber children aged five and under.But our systems are lagging woefully behind this new reality.

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