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For example since Alliance & Leicester is dealing with banking, insurance and this all are related to money.

If the company decides to launch more investments, it will apply all the theory of feedback, follow up, clarification, question and answers as this will give the correct figure as to where the company’s status stands and whether the company is liable to precede this product in the market. Finding common grounds of communication to support your theory also portrays a huge role n the stock market.

School leaders, from central office administrators to building-level administrators, communicate downward to group members through speeches, messages in school bulletins, school board policy manuals, and school procedure handbooks.

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This gives the whole progress report as to where the company stands and if it’s safe to launch new products into the market or to grow the existing one.

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Traditional views of the communication process in school organizations have been dominated by downward communication flows.

Such flows transmit information from higher to lower levels of the school organization.

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  1. In 1952, as Oliver Brown’s case against the Topeka Board of Education began winding through court, a committee of Northeastern private school teachers and college professors investigated the possibility of offering college-level coursework in secondary schools.