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Afterwards, Wakka blames Rikku for everything but begins to change his attitude towards her when he discovers that the Al Bhed kidnapped summoners to save them from dying and comforts Rikku when she mourns the destruction of her Al Bhed home.When he learns that Yuna is half Al Bhed, Wakka becomes confused and realizes that his hatred was not fair as not all Al Bhed are the same.He does not believe Tidus when he claims he is from Zanarkand, theorizing that his recent encounter with Sin has clouded his mind.Wakka takes Tidus to Besaid Village and convinces him to join the Besaid Aurochs, who desperately need his help following a ten year losing streak, and because Wakka intends to resign and become a full-time guardian.Wakka is disgusted when he learns the truth and calls Rikku a heathen but Tidus defends her by saying that Rikku is a good person.Wakka becomes angry that no one is supporting him, and he heads to Macalania on foot while the others ride the sleds left behind.Tidus accepts his offer and Wakka directs him to Besaid Temple where Yuna has begun her trial.

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Wakka is kept in the dark about Rikku’s Al Bhed heritage but finds out after the Al Bhed attack them on the way to Macalania Temple.When Wakka’s baby is born, he receives a sphere of Chappu’s last message that tells him that Chappu lied about the sphere to make him angry and he tells him to just be himself.The message helps Wakka get himself together and he names his son Vidina, which means ‘future’ in Al Bhed.Wakka is a skilled guardian, fighter and Blitzball player who grew up on Besaid Island along with Lulu and his younger brother, Chappu.Wakka and Chappu lost their parents to Sin when they were both very young, leaving them with little memories of their biological parents.Years later, after the Calm began , Wakka, Lulu and Chappu meet Yuna, Braska’s daughter and Kimahri who was asked by Auron to make sure Yuna was escorted somewhere safe.Wakka became like an older brother to Yuna and raised her along with Lulu.Wakka is the second person to meet Tidus when first washes up on the island of Besaid.Wakka bonds with Tidus quickly due to his resemblance to Chappu and blitzball skills, forming a brotherly relationship with him.Chappu’s death shocked Wakka and because he chose to fight with a Al Bhed machine weapon instead of the sword Wakka gave him, Wakka began to show Jasa seo hatred towards the Al Bhed.Later on, Wakka tries to stop Yuna becoming a summoner, but eventually agrees to become one of her Guardians so that he could avenge Chappu.

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