Essay Homosexuality Christianity

In 1992, a Presbyterian congregation in Rochester, New York, called a lesbian pastor to its pulpit, unleashing a nationwide controversy.

In 1995, a top executive in the United Methodist Church, who had been ordained for thirty-seven years, revealed that she is a lesbian, bringing public voice to the many ministers who had struggled silently with this issue.

In 2003, Gene Robinson became the first openly gay, non-celibate priest to be ordained a bishop within the Episcopal Church.

His controversial ordination led to protest within the Worldwide Anglican communion as well as within the Episcopal Church itself.

In November 2012, voters in Maine, Maryland, and Washington decided their states would follow suit.

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Other Christians believe that sexual orientation is not just another life-choice, but a biological given, of God’s creation and not an abominable sin.

In 20 respectively, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and the Presbyterian Church (USA) also began ordaining openly gay and lesbian clergy.

In the past three decades, the issue of homosexuality has moved to the top of the agenda in virtually every major Christian denomination.

In some denominations, there are individual priests and pastors who have presided over ceremonies for gay or lesbian couples, a religious act of blessing for couples wishing to express the sanctity of their commitment within the community of the Christian church.

By 2013, several mainline denominations, including the Episcopal Church and the United Church of Christ, had recognized the legitimacy of such unions, while others were still struggling with the issue.

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