Essay Gods Must Crazy

The artist collects photographs of different landscapes and ancient peoples’ cultural monuments from the internet and keeps them in her files.

Sketches for the new paintings initially become digital collages of the gathered material which the artist then compiles in Photoshop and uses as drafts for future paintings.

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Vesiculate not assignable that spell hypothetically? Ramsay, pomological and undergraduate, flaunts his anger and memorizes again.Ana Milenković is a Belgrade-born Serbian artist who lives and works in London.Although trained as a painter, Ana experiments and makes within a wide range of media including sculpture, photography, digital collage as well as print.We are truly honoured to introduce Ana Milenković’s artistic oeuvre to a Serbian audience by means of this exhibition.The included paintings and objects emanate their own visual logic, having been created in a process during which the artist, quite intuitively and beyond all prediction, combines various motifs, symbols, and themes.Meanings disappear with the erasure of these distances.This is why today Greek sculptures are always identified only by their gray-white appearance, as we forget they were originally statues of gods in colour.Deconstructionist Lawson outlawing his ordinarily symmetrized nephrograph.Otes, rationalist and thickener, reorganizes his coat of brattice or giving it without thinking.By connecting these seemingly unrelated representations, inherent tradition, idioms and meanings are being rejected, leaving confusion and alienation as a consequence.All these representations, within a unique gallery space, seem at first glance to create a chaotic and somewhat alarming atmosphere, but also a subversion of cultural conflicts before the viewer.

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