Essay For Life In The City Myeconlab Homework Answers

Essay on Life in a Big City– The city life of a big city is always growing and moving.

Also, there are hundreds and thousands of opportunities for people in big cities to learn and grow.

Beautiful scenes of nature, fresh air, hospitable people, and quiet life – all these things come to our mind when we think of the village.

Here you can enjoy the natural way of life in full resting from the city bustle.

Many industries and companies operate in cities, which offer good job opportunity to people of different educational background.

Besides, the scenario of business set in the city is much profitable.

There is something divine and mysterious in the village beauty.

There is a unique closeness between the elder and younger generations.

Peasants lack the utilities and convenience a more developed area can offer, such as hospitals, stores, police stations, firefighters, public health, mass education, proper cell phone coverage, and internet access.

So, there should be some progress in rural areas in order to make such places more pleasant and comfortable to live.

In addition, there is a number of activities that one can perform outside school and colleges in cities.

Moreover, due to interaction with others, the children are more self-confident in their selves in comparison to a village or small city kids.

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