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Food studies can do three important things to make this happen: • First, critical analysis of the food system should be part of food studies courses and programs.

Rather than fostering simple mastery of food-system facts (for example, how many more mouths we will have to feed by mid-century), programs should help students develop deep understandings about the social and political structures underlying food and environmental injustices (for example, how global political patterns foster food shortages in low-income countries).

How well do food studies programs position graduates to create change?

Do they prepare students for work in the growing sector of “good food”?

Or those who have experienced the economic challenges of agricultural communities?

Marion Nestle, a public health expert and NYU faculty member (no relation to the Nestlé food company!

Colleges and universities with existing food studies programs should strive to make entry more feasible for lower income students through targeted grants and scholarships.

Food studies faculty should ensure that curricula address the diverse educational and professional development interests and needs of all students.

It is crucial for students to learn about the complex issues in the food system—say, the controversy over genetically modified organisms (dangerous to human health or the answer to global food insecurity?

A couple of Berkeleyside’s regular contributing photographers were there to capture the event.

Well-known New York restaurateur Danny Meyer announced recently that he intends to eliminate tipping at his New York restaurants with an across-the-board increase in prices to fund “hospitality.” Meanwhile, fast food workers, nationally, have been fighting for a rat-infested camps while picking tomatoes.

In many cases, academics have also engaged with food movements by lending research skills to community-led initiatives, helping to document patterns of food inaccessibility, or providing information needed to successfully advocate for policy change.

If food studies is to continue to be responsive to the growing food justice movement, graduates need to be able to translate concepts of social justice and food to post-college careers.

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