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The second largest in the world as an official language .

English is spoken in 105 countries and is the official language in 83 countries.

This caused these colonized people to study English in order to advance their status.

However, in many countries where English is used as a foreign language, the people are interested in studying it because it helps them advance in their careers and be able to continue their education in the western universities.

For the second factor, colonization helped English become an international language.

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People who wanted to deliver information quickly were eventually forced to use English.How did English reach the special position in which it finds itself today?Mostly, the rise of English to its position as the world's main international language was a result of chance.When they have problem with them, it will lead to trade delays and lower profits.On the other hand, understanding English reduces the trade delays and lower profits.Many more can get by in English English is the main second language in India, South Africa and many parts of Africa and Asia.But - more and more - it is also the language of international commerce, of business, of diplomacy and of tourism.It seems possible to attribute this to three things: English as an important language to traders, an official language in colonies of the British Empire, and finally English as one of the easiest languages to typeset.For the first factor, trader from English-speaking countries have been traveling around the global for a long time."Hi, Hello, Thank you, and Goodbye" are common English expression that the Thai people use in their daily conversation among the Thai people.It is obvious that English is well known as an international language.

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