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In one-on-one and small group sessions, our counselors will discuss how you can manage your time and meet your goals.Sometimes, the right tool can make learning easier.Undergraduate Programs Graduate Programs Certificate Programs Our Faculty Professional Development & Continuing Education Study Abroad Research Educational & Cultural Events Career Services & Internships Community Engagement Academic Support Academic Resources Request Information For First-Year Students For Transfer Students For International Students For Graduate Students For Veterans Early College & Dual Enrollment Visit Tuition & Fees Financial Aid & Scholarships Contact the Admissions Team Transitioning to College: Solving the Puzzle Standards Accommodations Faculty Rights & Responsibilities Students' Rights and Responsibilities Disabilities Access Committee Assistive Technology Resources Policies and Procedures for Requesting Academic Accommodations Service Dogs & Emotional Support Animals Information for a Person with a Temporary Disability TRIO TRIO Grant Application Financial Help Summer Transition Program College Steps Program FAQs For Faculty Staff Directory Math Clinic Writing Clinic Tutoring Tutor Request Form Study Resources, Tips, and Shortcuts For English Language Learners TRIO Stars Castleton TRIO Blog Everyone has different strengths.If you have a documented disability or disorder that affects your ability to succeed in a college setting, you may be eligible for Disability Services.We offer Smart Pens for short-term loans and a Kurzweil in our center.Send any documentation regarding your disability or disorder to: Gerry Volpe Coordinator of Disability Services Castleton University Castleton, VT 05735 The transition from high school to college presents many challenges for all students and their families.Accommodations are meant to "level the playing field," not lower standards.

If you have appropriate documentation, Gerry Volpe, Coordinator of Disability Services, can find ways to make learning and living at college easier for you.More information is available on: Nervous about taking the big plunge into college?We offer a five-day program right before first-year orientation.You will have responsibilities as a college student that you did not have as a high school student.In college, the student is responsible for initiating a request for an accommodation."Equal access" includes providing students with reasonable accommodations.All students, including those with disabilities must meet the same academic standards.For students with disabilities there is the added challenge of figuring out the differences between the services they received in high school and the rights and responsibilities they will have as college students.There are some significant differences between high school and college.In fact, a student with a disability must participate in the university's standard admission process and must be otherwise qualified for admission.Otherwise qualified means that the student with a disability must meet the same admissions standards and have academic credentials equivalent to their peers without disabilities.

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  2. Accelerated Program Distance Learning Honors Program Independent Study Internships Liberal Arts/Career Combination New York Semester ROTC (Air Force, Army, Navy) Study Abroad Teacher Certification Visiting/Exchange Student Program Weekend College At Purdue University, the admissions committee reviews candidates individually and looks at the whole person behind the application.