Essay Dante Cantos What Does Critical Thinking Mean In The Workplace

Dante’s punishment for the “arch heretics and those who followed them” was that they be “ensepulchered” and to have some tombs “heated more, some less.” Since the archheretics believed that everything died with the body and that there was no soul, Dante not only punishes them with the hot and crowded tombs, but he punishes them with their beliefs and lets them feel what it is like to die.This punishment by Dante is one in which he was more focused on inflicting a physical pain rather than a mental one.Although he uses various torturous practices in The Inferno in order to inflict physical agony, Dante does, sometimes, use famous acts of cruelty to punish the sinners.One such punishment is that which Dante borrows from Emperor Frederick II.Therefore, in Dante’s , each canto functions on an allegorical level in the sense that the sins and the sinners in each canto may reveal some aspect of Dante’s life.Living in Florence was Dante’s hell and thus much of this comedy reflects that.This is reflected in the journey Dante will take from Inferno to Purgatory and eventually to Paradise. In Dante’s real life, Florence is the journey and the “dark wood” that he is caught in.Here in Florence, Dante must suffer political turmoil between the white and black Guelfs along with religious turmoil.

He has strayed from the light and cannot return to it until he has suffered for a period of time.The penalty in the medieval era for heresy was often public humiliation or to burn to death.For Dante, to be a heretic was to follow one’s own opinion and not the beliefs of the Christian Church.The borrowed torturous forms of punishments create a physical pain for the shades, whereas the creative punishments are used to inflict a mental and psychological suffering.However, it is possible for the creative punishments to inflict both a mental and physical pain upon the sinner.These examples of punishment that are physically painful are only some of the punishments that Dante borrows from forms of torture.Dante also creates more original punishments for other sinners.Frederick II was well known for his lead capes with which he punished criminals.Dante places all of the hypocrites in “gilded” cloaks that “dazzled; but inside they were all of lead, so heavy that Frederick’s capes were straw compared to them.” Dante uses this analogy to Frederick to demonstrate the extent of cruelty of his cloaks in The Inferno.In each of these cantos, something deeper is revealed on an allegorical level by both the sin and the sinners representative of each circle of hell.Before beginning, it is important to define what an allegory is in the way that affects the focus of this paper.

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