Essay Daniel Madigan Applied Business A Level Coursework Unit 2

In therapy, Milligan suggests that he was physically and emotionally abused by his stepfather, Chalmers. Cornelia Wilbur, who pioneered thinking (however erroneous) about multiple personality disorder with her book (1973).

When his stepfather raped him, Milligan says that the person who became conscious was a lesbian named Adalana; her distaste for the act signifies how much Milligan hated the rape. The psychologists attempt to “fuse” Milligan’s personalities back into one. avoids a rape conviction by pleading multiple personality disorder.

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Its themes include deception, the nature of mental illness, and the interaction between the criminal justice system and mental illness.Keyes was skeptical but eventually agreed because he had heard that it was possible that some of the personalities had committed crimes that hadn’t yet been reported in any newspaper.Keyes meets “Billy,” the core personality, but is disappointed that Billy can’t recall what the other personalities have done.After hour upon hour of interviews with Milligan, Keyes comes to believe that Milligan is, in fact, afflicted with nearly two dozen disparate personalities.Toward the end, Keyes wonders if the institution is doing enough to assist with Milligan’s suicidal ideation.While they work, Milligan is transported through court, and quickly ruled not guilty by reason of insanity. When Keyes meets Milligan, Milligan is twenty-three and living at the Athens Mental Health Centers in Ohio.Milligan had reached out to him personally and asked if he could be the one to write his story.After his arrest, Billy feels safe to appear to others.He’s glad he’s been arrested because now he can receive help.Since before Billy’s birth, Johnny had been struggling with alcoholism.After his mother married the abusive Chalmers, Billy started to imagine more and more playmates.

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