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Employees end practically living at the software giant’s campus in Washington.

Every organization has its own distinctive culture.Corporate culture can be defined as the personality of an organization, or more simply put- the way things are done in that particular organization.Awareness of the company’s corporate culture is very important when applying for a job.The new Microsoft mantra was communication so those outside of Microsoft would both understand and appreciate its company policy.Microsoft also holds the distinction of being the worldwide top company in per-employee donations.We maintained relationships with guidance counselors and elected city officials in order to better the community and our company.By providing jobs to people in the communities, the cities and neighborhoods will benefit by uprising the economic stability of the city.Culture of an organization is created unconsciously, based on the ethics and values of the top management or the founders of the organization. Many times Microsoft has been described as having a developer-centric business culture.Microsoft spends a lot of time and money each year on recruiting young university-trained software developers and on keeping them in the company.The campus is set up in such a way that you never have to go home.The belief system of Microsoft makes it difficult for its employees to imagine they have a life away from work. Bill, known for having terrorized lower staff with his temper was at the receiving end of a lot of negative media.

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