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Before 1897 the SDF leadership which drew on Robert Owen (1771-1858) and the more socialist of the Chartist leaders as well as on Marx, was very critical of trade unionism which was deemed to be , though there were strong advocates of trade unionism within the SDF.

Morris was also for long highly critical of trade unionism but he campaigned in the mining areas of the North East, becoming a late convert to the need to gain trade union support.

While some trade unionist MPs were also ILP members, others were anti-socialist.

In the case of Arthur Henderson, when, as Secretary of the Labour Party (1912-34), he was the UK link with the Second International and it was felt to be diplomatic for him to be a member of a socialist society, it was notable that in 1912 he joined not the ILP but the very moderate Fabian Society.

Although seven of the 29 MPs were ILP sponsored, many more were also ILP members as well as trade unionists. In the final vote for the first chairman of the Parliamentary Labour Party Keir Hardie beat David Shackleton by one vote.

The post rotated and after Hardie, 1906-8, the next two chairmen were trade unionists, Arthur Henderson, 1909-10 and George Barnes (1859-1940), 1910-11, before James Ramsay Mac Donald, 1911-14.

British trade unionism was the oldest in Europe, stretching back through the eighteenth century to very early printers’ societies in the late seventeenth century.

In 1899 the Trades Union Congress (TUC, established in 1868 as an annual conference of trade unions but with an executive which could take action in line with the conference’s decisions) voted The Labour Representation Committee (LRC), formed in 1900, following the TUC’s 1899 resolution, went wider than trade unions affiliated to the TUC.

The inaugural conference held in Faringdon Street, London, on 27 and 28 February 1900, was attended by representatives of 66 trade unions, the Midland Counties Trades Federation, and three socialist societies (the ILP, the SDF and the Fabian Society, which had been founded in 1884 and for 1899 gave its membership as 861).

The LRC won two seats in the 1900 general election and three further seats in by-elections.

In the 1906 general election 29 of its 50 candidates were elected, with the numbers of successful candidates going up in the January 1910 (40 of 78) and the December 1910 (40 of 56) after the mining unions had affiliated.

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