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Unopposed work allows everything to come natural in a game as it becomes instinct.Coaches, For admission into the University of Arizona, students are asked to write a 500 word essay of us blowing smoke up our own a$$es (that is, in my opinion).I asked my Coach Shaq, my wide receiver coach himself a few questions on how to become a great wide receiver coach. He answered, “A good WR coach has to understand the position.Must be able to articulate what they want from the players”. He answered, “the way you turn average wr’s to good ones is to find out what they’re lacking and put emphasis on those things while coaching them.

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Coach Shaq answered, “help them better a higher iq for the game which will make them better on the field.

Well becoming a Wide Receiver Coach isn’t the “best” part of the staff, I can bet you many people don’t think that’s even a real coaching stop and see it as very useless.

What it takes to become a successful Wide Receiver Coach; well it takes being able to turn average Wr’s into well rounded ones, making them a better player on the football field and a even better off the field, and you have to produce WR’s that will be ready for the next level in their football career.

Charlie is enjoying his football more than ever and his confidence has improved not only in football, but in school as well.

Charlie is now knocking on the door of various Premier League academies.

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