Essay Choose Accounting Major

Accountants have the ability to choose whether or not to work in the public or private sector as well as if they want to work on the more business-oriented side of any company.

If you’re looking to go into business and want an analytical edge on the competition, an accounting degree could be perfect for you.

If the world of business appeals to you, an accounting degree provides a great base from which to start.

Accounting schools prepare you to work in many occupations.

These analyses must be detailed, complex and data-heavy, allowing people to gain valuable insights from them.

Accounting majors learn how to maintain financial accounts.

You might take a job as a traditional accountant for a major corporation, working in an entry-level position in a downtown office.

You might also travel the country as a fraud investigator for the government.

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To figure out if an accounting career could be in your future, here are several key questions to consider: Just because you start off crunching numbers doesn’t mean you have to spend your entire job or career doing just that.Part of the reason for accounting's growth and popularity is that it allows people to enter many areas of business.The BLS projects faster than average growth for financial managers, a position for which an accounting degree provides training.It prepares students to be accountants by teaching them about accounting principles like auditing, reporting, budgeting and tax regulations.Because accountants could be responsible for an organization’s financial well-being, accountants need to be able to pay close attention to detail and handle large amounts of data at a time.A bachelor's is the entry-level degree for the field.At some corporations, accountants may become part of the administrative team.For people who choose to continue their education and become Certified Public Accountants (CPA), the median salary is ,800, and it can climb to well over 4,000 per year.Additionally, those with a CPA certification make 5% to 15% more than their non-CPA counterparts.The information age ushered in profound change to many occupations, including accounting, and highlighted the need for people who can read, interpret, and utilize accurate data.Computers now handle much of the number crunching, allowing accountants to spend most of their time making sense of those numbers.

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