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You can also land a high-level position as a finance manager or find employment in a nonprofit for a cause you support.

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Accountants look at financial trends to consult nonprofits, governments and businesses on how to best do their jobs and run their organizations.A bachelor's is the entry-level degree for the field.At some corporations, accountants may become part of the administrative team.The same holds true for budget analysts and cost estimators.Today's accountants can choose from an array of exciting fields and hold the highest offices in modern workplaces.Next, learn more about this college major such as the Types of Internships for Accounting Majors and get more career tips for internships and entry-level jobs such as When to Start Applying for a Summer Internship.Accounting ranks among one of the oldest fields in business.One wrong error or misfiled document could lead to big problems for a company or organization.To figure out if an accounting career could be in your future, here are several key questions to consider: Just because you start off crunching numbers doesn’t mean you have to spend your entire job or career doing just that.These analyses must be detailed, complex and data-heavy, allowing people to gain valuable insights from them.Accounting majors learn how to maintain financial accounts.

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