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No sentence fragments Wrong: Although caffeine can have negative implications for nervous system.Correct: Although caffeine can have negative implications for a nervous system, students drink a lot of coffee when studying for finals.If you find yourself unsure of the answers, ask a friend, your professor, or someone in the Teaching and Writing Center for help.

____ are capitalized (including verbs and adjectives being used as nouns!Our academic editing services can transform your essay from good to great in less than 24 hours. Blog and Podcast for all enthusiastic Theory of Knowledge (TOK) students and teachers (and anybody else! TOK is an epistemology and critical thinking course offered by the International Baccalautreate (IB) Organization. ere is a short checklist of points to watch out for when writing the TOK Essay.It’s by no means definitive, but it’s an ideal starting point if you find yourself wondering how the heck to turn the first draft of your essay into a finely tuned masterpiece that will knock your professor’s socks off.If you don’t have time to follow the essay editing checklist to perfect your essay, but are smart enough to realize there’s room for improvement, consider using the services of a professional editor.However, DO NOT start worrying about sentence-level problems until you are confident that you have finished all the big picture concerns. Has a writer ever lived who actually enjoyed proofing his work? Even the most careful and conscientious writer will do something embarrassing.Essay writing can be easy if you take a strategic approach to the process.The variety of requirements, including the format intricacies and language peculiarities, can make your head spin. This, however, will never be the case if you use the following all-inclusive checklist that covers everything. If you think you don’t need to edit your essay, it could be that you do, indeed, have advanced essay writing skills that would put Mark Twain to shame, but it’s much more likely that you just can’t be bothered. The first thing you need to get your head around is that the first draft of your essay will most certainly not be perfect. It doesn’t matter how advanced your written composition skills are, there WILL be mistakes in your essay, and there WILL be room for improvement (check out these essay tips for some great ideas). Dull it may be, but the editing process really is all the difference between a grade your mom will brag about at the local five and dime and something so poor that your dreams of getting a scholarship are firmly dashed.

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  1. The written proposal should be at least 1000 words and describe the subject matter of the Directed Research and the issues the student intends to explore in the paper.