Essay Autobiography Coin Thesis Statement On The Current Economic Recession

The denomination remained in usage through the Mughal, Maratha, East India company and British rules.

After I was born the authorities packed me inside a trunk and I was taken to the bank.

The obverse side of the coins featured the busts of Queen Victoria (1862 to 1901 AD), Edward VII (1903 to 1910 AD), George V (1911 to 1936 AD) and George VI (1938 to 1947 AD).

Edward VIII was never featured on any one rupee coin since his reign (Jan-Dec 1936 AD) was short.

In 1835 AD, the Coinage Act of 1835 for uniform coinage came into force.

Composed of 0.917 silver, the new one rupee coins weighed 11.66 grams (179.9 grains) and had a diameter of 30.55 millimetres (1.203 in).

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