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For one, all the contestants are between the ages of eight and 13; for another, these children create dishes just as complex as any made by their adult counterparts.

"I had so many laughs with this beautiful young brown woman!

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We want to thank everyone from the bottom of our now broken hearts.

The chef later learned that the cancer had returned, and she was diagnosed with a year left to live, sharing the news in a personal essay published in October in Bon Appetit.

The magazine released a new essay Friday from Ali, in which she discussed life after her diagnosis.

READ ALSO: Famous comic calls out a troll, then changes his life She continued to work in restaurants in the city, and also competed on the Food Network show "Chopped" in 2012 — and won.

Ali told others she wanted to open her own restaurant following her stint on "Top Chef," where she was voted a fan favorite by viewers.

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